USA Visit Visa

USA is a one-stop destination, filled with brilliant options like fascinating places, numerous business opportunities, world-class medical facilities et al. These are the reasons that prompt people to visit the USA and take a glimpse of a lifestyle there and witness beautiful US destinations that are renowned world over. If you are also one of the aspirants of the US visit visa, Eklavya is definitely a name you can bank upon.

We provide expertise assistance in application procedure, documentation, translation and other relevant queries. In addition, we extend tips for your interview at the US Consulate so that our clients experience a stress free application procedure and qualify through the same without having to face any obstacles.

You may argue that you are from a country that enjoys the privilege of gaining an entry into the USA without any visa. Sure, there are countries that have visa-free travel permission for the United States but of course, we offer assistance for residents of countries who cannot escape the necessity to obtain B1 and B2 visa for the USA, which is extended depending upon the purpose of visit.

To obtain these non-immigrant visas for the U.S, you must qualify through the provisions mentioned under the Immigration and Nationality Act. The law presumes all US visit visa applicants to be intended immigrants. Therefore, we help you nullify this presumption as you demonstrate your purpose of visit, specific time period for which you are expected to be in the U.S as well as binding ties that assure your return from the USA, like your residence, family, leave letter for the same time period from the job and other such proofs.

Besides, you have the option if you wish to self-sponsor your US visit or you may also go for sponsored trip, wherein your relatives in the US may like to sponsor your visit, though sponsor may have to comply with a few conditions.

USA Visit Visa – Application Process

Eklavya officials are well acquainted with US visit visa procedure. To provide you an overview of the whole procedure, given below is a step-by-step process for the USA visit visa, we sail you through:

1. Paying the service charge and application fee – All applicants of non-immigrant visa category are required to deposit an application fee along with the VFS service charge. Officials who are traveling for government business and official purpose of international organizations are exempted from making the payment. We make your fee submissions and forward your applications for non-immigrant visa. This is the non-refundable amount. A visa fee receipt is received at the time of fee submissions that help us to take you to the next step.

2. Completion of application forms and taking a visa appointment – Visa fee receipt is generated within two business days of fee submission, after which we arrange for an appointment of visa interview for you. Our able immigration team assists you in filling essential immigration forms accurately. DS-156 is the most important form that is filled at this level, along with DS-157 and DS-158 forms, if applicable in your case. A different procedure is followed for a visa application submission at the U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai. With many of our immigration specialists based in Mumbai, our clients never hesitate in approaching us for any of their visa needs, even if it requires to be submitted in Mumbai as well.

3. Appearing for the visa interview – You are then requested to report at the US consulate or embassy, to appear for the interview. Our USA immigration specialists help you prepare for these interviews along with getting all your documents ready so as to avoid any refusals. So, you need not worry about refusals as long as you apply through Abhinav. We are always on our toes to utilize our resources to the maximum to straighten out the lumps in the approval of your U.S. visit visa. Two stickers of barcode along with the original receipt from the authorized bank where the fee payment is made, one latest passport size photograph, appointment letter (printed) and draft, if required, are some essential things that you must carry at the time of the interview.

4. Passport returned via courier – Passport of successful visa applicants are retained by the visa officer for stamping purposes. This is couriered via VFS and is delivered at your postal address within seven days of your interview

USA Visit Visa – Reasons For Refusal

While there are several reasons for refusal of USA visitor visas and conditions for approval have been made even more stringent after the 9/11 terrorist attack but you need not bother about having to face any such failure as experienced consultants at Eklavya stand by your side in every step of the visa process. Our US immigration specialists are well acquainted with the reasons for refusal of applications and ensure that our clients do not have to be disappointed.

We thereby gear you with useful advice to easily qualify through every step and overcome every hurdle without any hassle and finally get your USA visit visa approval, easily. Grounds on which visa application is usually refused are:

• Inability to produce sufficient relevant documents

• Insufficient funds to support one’s own or dependants’ expenses

• Criminal record of the applicant

• Disclosure of any essential fact about the applicant, otherwise hidden by them.

• Insufficient proof to provide evidence for residence abroad or strong ties, such as family, employment or any other that ensure your return from U.S. after a temporary stay there.

US Visit Visa – Selection Criteria

Tourist or visitor visa is the non-immigrant visa that is issued for temporary visit to the USA. Anyone who wishes to go for a temporary business visit can rely on Eklavya visit visa services under B1 visa. Visitors interested in exploring the country or visiting for medical treatment can place their trust in us for approval under B2 visit visa for the USA.

U.S. visit visas are issued for a minimum of 3 months and for a maximum of 10 years. Our executives are well versed in U.S. visit visa issues and are capable to assist you in gaining an extension of your transitory visa to the USA for another six months, if required, based on INS approval, while you are still in U.S.

Though the requirements for U.S. visit visas are not as stringent as the permanent USA immigration but there are a few basic requirements that you need to comply with. Visitor visa applicants are required to show that they qualify under the Immigration and Nationality Act provisions.

The law presumes every applicant of visitor visa as a future immigrant. So, most requirements are in relation to outdo this presumption of law. You can check these requirements below:

1. You must mention the purpose of your U.S. trip – business, medical treatment, pleasure or any other.

2. You must assure authorities that you plan to stay in U.S. only for a limited or specific period.

3. You must also prove that you have many binding ties and your home outside the USA that will ultimately ensure your return to your homeland.

Besides, all applicants of visit visas to U.S are interviewed at the US Consulate, prior to the final visa grant. Immigration consultants at Eklavya prepare you beforehand regarding the expected questions at the time of the interview as well as suggested suitable answers for the same. This assures an almost guaranteed success for U.S. visit visas for our clients.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, there are a few document submission requirements as well. This especially stands true for applicants who are visiting for medical treatment. Medical diagnosis by an authorized doctor, letter from the medical facility or physician from U.S. showing the willingness to cure your ailment along with the expected cost and period for treatment and state of financial responsibility by the sponsor (of an organizations and individuals) are among the most essential documents that needs to be presented.